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Music by james madison thomas


          This song was played on a Taylor 914, a top-of-the-line

model from a top-of-the-line guitar builder. I got to own this beautiful instrument for several years. The tone was exquisite

but I eventually had to sell it.

          I was inspired by singer–songwriter David Wilcox, who

has been doing this kind of thing with capos and alternate

tunings for a long time and does it expertly. He is in good

company with James Taylor and Phil Keaggy in that he owns

an Olson guitar. Interesting trivia fact, Phil Keaggy played

bass on one of David's albums.

        I tuned the 6th string, E in standard tuning, down to a low B. Not many guitars would handle this. Then I tuned the other strings to open G and capoed up a Major 3rd. The capo was notched so that that 6th string stayed open and became the root of B Major, the adjusted key. You’ll note my playing on both sides of the capo on that open B string. I’m pretty proud of this song; it sounds very fluid in spite of the complexity.

          At one point, there were some people hanging around outside in front of our mobile home, and you can see I was a little distracted for a moment. Really, the worst thing about this

video is the haircut.