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Sketches 1985-86

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01. Be Still *jf

02. Sinner's Prayer *jf

03. One Starry Night

      (The Manger Scene) *jf

04. Behold The Lamb Of God

     (version 1) *jf

05. To Alden *jmt

06. Steadfast Love *jmt

07. Great Is The Lord *jmt

*jmt James, vocal

*jf    Joe Fish, vocals

08. Whom Are You Seeking? *jf

09. Synthemental

10. Living The Christian Life *jf

11. Let Your Light *jmt

12. Sing! *jf

13. They Can't Take That

       Away From You *jmt

14. Jesus Jingle *jf

15. Amy's Song *jmt

     (All Through The Love Of Jesus)

Words & Music by

james madison thomas

     This is the second volume of the Sketches I began in 1984. Not much had changed. I was still recording with the same hardware and cassette tape,

but I do remember getting a Sennheiser mic for vocals. Ultimately, the idea was

to birth the songs, even in their sonic squalor, that they might breathe and live.


     They obviously survived, but I meant

to re-record these songs again at a

future time with pristine equipment. And

I would work more meticulously to make them perfect. Talk about naivety.

Life has a way of throwing us curves.

Later, at some point, Joe stopped coming over, and I started singing all the parts.