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Widows & Orphans

Words & Music by james madison thomas

     Searching my hard drives for

material for this website, I un-

earthed stuff I had not seen in years, stuff that got left behind, most of it, from a collection.

     I found a couple of the guitar pieces hiding on a micro-SD card in my looper pedal, and a couple more on the TASCAM Portastudio I've used only a few times so far. Some of this stuff is almost as new to me

as it would be to you.

03. The Hope Within You

04. Miles From Home

01. Clockwork

02. Leapfrog

05. Imaginary Movie

06. If I Were Claude

          I found these two tracks in a Sketches 1998-99 Folder. Track 5 is the logo music for a film that doesn't exist. I think you'll get the picture. Track 6 is the preliminary version of what became Miniature No. 4.

The Order Of Things

01. The Order Of Things (poem)

02. Circumambulation

03. City On A  Hill

04. On Reading Billy Budd

05. One More Day

06. Still Me

07. Fab Four Mix

08. Mid February Guitar

09. The Order Of Things (pre-Master)

10. Joyed Over! (no vocal)

11. Jesus

12. Exhilaration

13. Open My Eyes

jmt in 1977

          Culture was the name of an early German percussion samples program

that I had. I used some of the samples on my Jesus video. So when I first got it, I made a recording of some of the sounds without any preliminary thought of form. This is what it sounded like.

Culture Test