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MacPlus Music / Backgrounds


My first computer was a MacPlus, which was introduced in 1984. I got mine in 1985.

I used Opcode Vision as my recording software to start, and only moved to Digital Performer when Opcode went out of bus-

iness. These pieces are all instrumentals. I used some for background music and for a children's film called Adrift. The video was in the St. Pete Main Library for many years. I'm sure a lot of children saw it while their weary moms took a break.

     It's really quite awful, but

at that time, I was very ex-

cited about becoming a film

composer. It was reviewed

in Library Journal and got a

good review; even the music got some kudos. It's a long story, but basically, the film-

maker had a film but had no music for it. I had some instrumental music I was experimenting with making on my mac. He was making environmental document-

aries for WEDU and I was

working with media at the Florida Marine Research Institute, so that's how our paths crossed. When prerecorded movies on VHS first started being commercially produced, I remember seeing this

for sale at Waldenbooks in Tyrone Square Mall. My son Alden did

the sketch of the teddy bear in the backseat of the car on one of

the drives over to Tampa to work on it. I'm putting asterisks by the

songs used in the film. I'm only posting the more interesting ones.

  11. Faithful & True*

  13. Through The Hall*

  15. Flying*

  17. Remember*

  19. My Heart To Yours

12. Oriental Notion


16. An Invitation*

18. At Work At Play*

        01. Even The Wind & The Waves      02. Dancing In Jerusalem

        03. Early Warning System*                04. There's More To Come /

                                                                   05. Christmas Candles

        06. Down The Road*                          07. Aftermath*

        08. Out Of The Ashes*                       09. Piece By Piece /

                                                                   10. Crazy Motion