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Garage Band No. 1

Garage Band No. 2

Garage Band No. 3

          Garage Band is a program of Apple's that allows the writer to

assemble a song from a massive archive of loops of pre-recorded motifs.

I always considered it a bit of a cheat, but it does take skill to construct

something meaningful. The program was introduced in 2004, and my first

two pieces were made at that time. The third piece was something I put

together recently. All my samples and loops live on a dedicated external

drive. It was the night before we were to be hit by a hurricane, so we were

sitting in the living room watching the weather reports and my samples drive

wasn't even connected to my mac. I started doodling around with Garage

Band to pass the time, and discovered I had a cache of Apple loops hiding

somewhere in the depths of my Library, So I put No. 3 together while we

waited for the hurricane, but praise God, we were spared once again, a

direct hit turned into a bit of rain and wind.