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Images Of Glass

          About those little Apple books I was making... I saved them as PDF files

and this page will be one of those. It should open on another page or Tab. The story on this one is explained in the Foreword of the book. I haven't looked at these in years, and I notice that these were taken with the Fuji Finepix camera

I had before the Nikon. The stained glass doors were built and designed by a

friend from church back then, John Epright.

          Please note: When I click on the image in Safari, it opens the PDF in a separate window, which was my intention. it does not download it. When  I click

on it in Firefox, it downloads it to my Desktop. This was not my intention, and I think it may have to do with the settings in the browser's Preferences. I have yet

to work this out with tech support.This is a very large file, which may take 30 seconds or more to load.

Click on the book cover to read it.