James Madison Thomas


July 9, 2021

        I built this website using Apple’s iWeb many years ago. Five years ago,

or more, I lost all my data needed to update this site when my iMac died.

Today, I made a last-ditch effort to give iWeb what it needs for me to edit this

site once again, and I succeeded.


        So I will be starting from scratch in rebuilding this. It is now a work in progress; there have been so many changes in my life and our world in the interim. I hope iWeb, which is now legacy software and unsupported, will continue to function since I am flying blind when it comes to Web design.

Did anybody miss me?


  July 18, 2021

After countless hours of working on this, my wife went to view what

I had done so far, and the videos would not play. In fact, you couldn’t even

see them to click on them. We discovered that the problem existed when using

Safari on either of our Macbook Pros, but when we switched to Firefox, they played as designed. I did all my testing using Firefox. Everything works correctly on my mac. I don’t know what browser you are using, but, apparently it can make a big difference. I have another browser called Brave that I just tried, and it also

does not show the videos; the error message says “plug-in not supported”.

I just got an email from my daughter saying Opera doesn’t work. She mentioned

that getting a Quicktime plug-in might work. That sounds reasonable, if, in fact,

that is possible, as I’m working mostly with Quicktime videos.

        I would guess that this is due to the ancient software I’m using to make this.

Perhaps Apple is eliminating Quicktime. I do hope my work is not in vain, and that your browser will work.

I have created an email account specifically for feedback on my website

and work. You can contact me, James, at